Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 months!

This is spidey. Luke loves to chew on spidey.

Luke turned five months old yesterday (on tax day). Even though he has gotten bigger he still seems like my little boy as he moves along at his own pace. He just found his feet today. He finally tolerates his baths and has even given me a couple of smiles during bath time. He loves chewing on blankets and having them touch his face when he falls asleep (which mommy doesn't like). If he doesn't have a blanket he will pull his sleeper up and chew on that. He doesn't suck his thumb or take a paci. No rolling over yet, just laying under his play gym or sitting in the bumbo. One of his favorite things right now is getting his diaper changed (don't ask). He LOVES it! He also likes mommy talking to him and giving him lots and lots of kisses!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

I cannot get her to smile for a picture. She thinks showing her teeth is a fake smile!

On Easter with her Luke!

Abby and her cousin Darian

Abby's "kiki" She still sleeps with it.

Abby turns 5 today and I can't believe how time has passed so quickly. I can remember snuggling with her in the hospital bed after she was born, staring at her thinking how perfect she looked. I simply could not believe she was my child! I am proud the little girl she has become. She has a kind heart and is always thanking me for the littlest things. There is always a smile on her face, a song in her heart and a wiggly, dancing body to go with it. She has a silly sense of humor like her father and is definitely her daddy's little girl. I love how sweet she is to her little brother and how she looks up to her cousin, Darian. I love her imagination, her laugh and those rare moments when she will sit still long enough to let me snuggle up to her. I love it when she calls me "mommy" (it's mostly "mom" now) and asks me to carry her to bed. At night when I'm tucking her in she says "don't forget the special phrase." That means I have to say something like, "Well, Daphne (or whatever character she is pretending to be) you must be tired from searching for clues all day. I'll let you get some rest now." And then she'll close her eyes as I walk out of the room. Happy Birthday Abby! I love you!