Thursday, June 4, 2009

My baby is 6 months old. I can't believe it. He is such a happy boy, as long as he gets his naps. He loves to scream (happily). He loves his blanky. He loves his sister. He loves to eat and if you don't feed him fast enough he lets you know! He is just getting the hang of rolling over and has started sleeping on his belly with his bum in the air. I love it when I find him sleeping like that. It's just so cute!

This shirt is from Aunt Jenna. Daddy has one like it that says "This is how I roll" with a roll of toilet paper.

My little girl graduated from preschool last week. Her preschool had a little ceremony where they walked down the aisle with caps on, shook the teacher's hand and received a diploma. I have never heard of preschool graduations but nevertheless, there I was with tears in my eyes as my little girl walked down the aisle, all smiles, and wondering where the last 5 years went.

Most of you know Leif and I went to Hawaii for his brother's wedding. We went to the Big Island and had a great time. Nate and Jenna were married on May 12th at the Hilton in Waikaloa. Congrats to the happy couple. Here are a few pictures from the trip (we took almost 300).

After Nate and Jenna's Wedding
At Waipio Valley Overlook

Rainbow Falls near Hilo

On our snorkel cruise at Kealakekua Bay

At A-Bay Beach near our condo.