Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apple Juice

Abby's sick. I'm sick. I am trying to pack myself and the kids for vacation. We are leaving them behind and I am a little nervous about it. It's been a long day. Well, Abby asked for some apple juice. She went to the fridge and got out the brand new 3 quart bottle of apple juice I bought today. Just as I was saying, "Abby that is heavy. Be careful," it slipped out of her hands. The lid broke off and apple juice went flying EVERYWHERE! It was on the wall, the carpet, all over the kitchen floor and quickly moving towards under the fridge. This is the second major spill in the last 24 hours (last night it was red slushy) so I am running low on paper towels. Abby ran to get a towel and threw it down on the apple juice and said "It's a good thing I'm here!" and was very proud of herself. Fast forward 15 minutes later, mess is cleaned up and there just happens to be a little bit of apple juice left in the bottle. I poured Abby a cup and sat it on the table for her. Then Abby says "Mom, I don't feel like drinking apple juice anymore."