Friday, January 30, 2009

My new haircut

My head definitely feels lighter but I'm not sure about the bangs...kind of annoying!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Three new posts in one day...I think it's a record for me. Anyway, I had to post one more thing about Abby. Lately she has been into collecting things. Everything gets turned into a "collection." It all started with a snow globe she got for Christmas. She wanted to start a snow globe collection. Recently she received this post card in the mail from her cousin in Texas. She said, "This can be part of my collection." "What collection?" I asked her. "My collection of pictures of animals that come in the mail!" she said. It's been on her shelf in the bedroom ever since. You will also notice a little bead below the post card in this picture. I tried to throw it away today but Abby wouldn't stand for it. She said, "You can't throw that away Mommy. It's a beautiful bead and I am going to have a beautiful bead collection."

Like mother like daughter

This is one of Abby's new favorite things to do. She has discovered My Little Pony website, Pixie Hollow (thanks to Darian, her cousin), Littlest Pet Shop and Webkinz. She is now able to do most things on her own which gives me some free time. Ok, maybe not free time but time to nurse Luke or do some laundry. The only downside is that I find myself anxious for her to get off so that I can check my email or look at everyone's blog! She is taking after me and becoming a computer lover. Who knew I would be fighting for time on the computer with my four year old!

Snow day

Abby has been wanting to play in the snow soooo very bad. But, with a sick baby and Leif being out of town, she has not been able to. Today Leif took her out to play and she was so excited. I only have indoor pictures because I didn't actually make it outside!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Everytime I get out a pair of scissors Abby asks, "Are those Cutco scissors?" I don't know where she heard of Cutco.

Today Abby colored a picture of a My Little Pony for her daddy. She said, "My daddy will like this because he is into ponies."

She is also obsessed with the type of car people drive. When someone picks her up she always wants to know what car they will be driving. The other day she asked "Will Grandma pick me up in the Envoy?" I just think it's funny she remembers types of cars.
My sweet little Abby has been really funny lately, developing her own sense of humor. Her imagination continues to keep me busy and often off in pony land. The other day Abby put her pants on backwards when she dressed herself. She wanted to keep them that way and thought it was funny. She asked me to take a picture. She also loves to dress herself each day. A lot of the times the clothes don't match. She will leave it on in the house but if we go somewhere she'll ask for me to help her match.

pictures of my big boy!

Well, Luke is growing. He weighed 14 lbs at his 2 month check up and outgrowing his little clothes fast. I love his hair right after I wash it. It looks fuzzy and sticks up in a little mohawk. He has started trying to suck his thumb but he doesn't quite get it in there. He is smiling more every day and makes the cutest little baby squeaks and noises as he finds his voice.