Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Sunflowers...Thanks Mom and DAD!


My mom and dad took Abby to a field where there were (obviously) a lot of sunflowers. I just thought the picture was adorable.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Springfield Triathalon

The picture above is Nate about to cross the finish line! He made it look so easy...

The pictures above are from the end of the race. This is Leif about to cross the finish line. Go Leif! He finished in about 1hour and 43 minutes!

This is Leif and his brother, Nate, getting ready to start the race. They did a sprint triathalon this weekend in Springfield, Ohio. It was Leif's first time and I think Nate's second. I am not exactly sure but I think they swam almost a half mile, biked 10 miles and then ran 3 miles. They both did an awsome job!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Four Corner's Message

The quote above is from a sermon Ben did at Four Corners. He was talking about volunteering in church and giving of our time and energy to invest in others, in our church and in our communities, something outside of ourselves. He talked about how we may not be the smartest or the best at something but we give what we can and do what we can with our talents. By doing that, God is able to use what we give and turn it into something extraordinary. He can plant seeds and water gardens and use our small, seemingly insignificant acts to do wonderful things. In turn our spirits are renewed and we can find a sense of community. "Churches and families change the world." I guess his message was encouraging to me as I make some changes in my life and remember that I am not working alone.


We just returned from Holden Beach, North Carolina. For the last three summers Leif's family (minus the parents) has rented a beach house for a week. We had an awesome time! Most of our time was spent on the beach and in the ocean. We spent one night in Myrtle Beach, ate at Planet Hollywood and went to Family Kingdom which is an amusement park on the beach. Abby had the best time playing in the waves, following her cousins EVERYWHERE and jumping in the pool all by herself with her noodles. The adults lounged, read books and had some killer game nights ( I was champion of Murder and Rummy 500). For those of you who know the Hyrnes you know that we are quite competitive. Everything pretty much turns into a competition. Anna and Chris just got married on 8/04 so we sort of celebrated their honeymoon with them!