Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Story time

Leif was reading the kids a bedtime story the other night and I just had to take a picture. Luke was enjoying story time with Daddy and Sissy. I think Abby had just got done crying. She had been on the receiving end of a little discipline. Leif is such a good daddy and I am blessed to have him by my side as we raise our children together. Soon after this picture Abby was laughing and enjoying herself too.

The solid food experience

Luke is four months old and growing like a weed! He had his first taste of rice cereal and wasn't sure what he thought about it. I forgot how much fun having a new baby is. There are so many "firsts" coming up and it's exciting to watch him grow.

Monkey bars on St. Patrick's Day!

I took Abby and Luke to the park at Sharon Woods on St. Patrick's Day. As you can see from Abby's outfit (bright pink) I forgot that it was St. Patty's Day until we arrived there. Everyone was wearing green. I told Abby about the day and that if you don't wear green you get pinched. I gave her a light pinch and she gave me one too because I had no green on as well. She started to run out to play, turned around and came back. She said, "I am kinda nervous to go out there. I don't have any green on." I assured her that no kids would pinch her and she decided to go ahead and play. Anyway, this video is of Abby's first time going across the monkey bars all by herself. She has been trying to do this for awhile and was excited to finally make it.