Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Abby's new hair!!!!!!!!!!

Abby is now, for some reason, into ninja turtles. She insists that we call her Leonardo or Leo. As you can see Abby got her hair cut. I wanted to take some pictures of her new look and she wanted to pose with her ninja turtle "book." It is really the jacket cover to the DVD.

Now, about the hair. She has been asking to get her hair cut short "like Dee Dee." (Her cousin Darian) I finally said ok. It is sooooo short and she looks like a big girl. She loves her new hair cut and I am starting to agree with her. We have had no more crying during hair brushing since it got cut!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lena's Wedding Shower

Darian, Abby and Sophie playing along with the games.

Lena and her beautiful bouquet.

Mom Hyrne reading from the Bible. She always has a short devotional at the Hyrne shower's. This day she reminded us that we are apple of God's eye!

We had an apple theme for Lena's shower. September is apple month and Lena's bridesmaid's dresses are apple color. We played a game where everyone had to guess different types of apples by look and smell. Here is Anna showing one of the apples to Lena. Below is a picture of the size bite Lena took out of an apple. Everyone had to take a bite of an apple. The one closest to the size bite Lena took won. Everyone took really huge bites. As you can see, Lena's was really tiny.

Lena and Abby working hard on game number three.

Gretchen, Becky, Aunt Sue, Jenna, Abby, Me, Darian, Lena, Grandma Hyrne, Mom Hyrne, Anna

Lena and Grandma Hyrne

Anna, Jenna and I pre-shower. Jenna and Nate are marrying next June. Lena's wedding is September 27th! Yea!!!!!!