Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The baby and me:)

Here is my growing belly. I am about 24 weeks pregnant. This was taken last night in Abby's purple room. I am feeling great. I was having some pretty bad nerve pain in my low back and leg. I went to a chiropractor (anxiously) after two months of hurting. After one visit I am pain free! Praise the LORD!

Leif and I had decided on a name but had our minds changed for us through an experience I had at the Beth Moore conference I recently attended. Our son's name will be Luke. We are looking forward to November when he will make his debut as the newest addition the the Leif Hyrne family!

Texas trip

My little travel pro. In May Abby and I went to San Antonio, Texas to visit my cousin Lisa and her family. She has two boys, Preston and Blake.

This is one of the baby Komodo dragons. It was getting close.

At the San Antonio Zoo. Abby's favorite thing was the reptile house and the Komodo dragons.

Abby posing at Sea World.

Abby and my cousin's son, Preston.

Abby's first time on an airplane.

Abby turns four!!!!!

April 14th 2008

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason. Abby thinks every birthday party will be here from now on. It is great fun.

These pictures are from Abby's fourth birthday party in April. Here are the guys goofing around as always:)

It's been awhile...

Holy cow! I haven't been on here since January! So, Devon, this is for you:)

Well, since January our family has moved twice! We moved from Cincinnati to Springboro and then from Springboro to West Chester. We now live in a townhouse which we absolutely love! Abby's room was painted purple and she loves it. We are still in the process of painting our room. It's half done right now. We have had a lot of help moving and painting thanks to friends and, most of all, Anna and Chris.

I started a new job in February in the ER at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown. It is VERY busy there and keeps me hopping. Abby started a new preschool at Middletown Christian which is across the intersection from the hospital. Leif still works from home for the same company and has been traveling out of town almost every week for the past three months.

The biggest news of all is that we are expecting a little baby boy who is due November 21st!!!!!!! We are VERY excited! His room has been painted green and is still in the process of being put together. We can't wait to welcome the next little Hyrne into the family.